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Behind On Payments or In Foreclosure

When a property falls back in behind payments it automatically starts down the slippery slope into a foreclosure process. Most unfortunately end up as bank owned properties.

Millions of people have lost homes this way and one of the reasons for it is, they did not act fast or did not act at all or did not know what to do, to prevent foreclosure from happening.

In reality, the longer a person waits when they fall behind on payments, the more difficult it is to solve the situation. In some cases as we saw in 2008 housing crisis, banks were backed up with foreclosure proceeding and there were a little more options even if a person waited longer.

But in normal market conditions, the longer you wait and the more payments you fall behind. It becomes more difficult to solve the situation and make the purchase even possible. With every month you wait you lose negotiating power. read latest foreclosure data report: national foreclosure data report october 2019

my house is behind on payments

And on top of that if you list house with an agent, who will just list your house on MLS hoping that someone will come around and buy it… you make the situation even worse. Because you can not afford to waste time like this and instead take action and start working with a pro active buyer.

We have experience negotiating with banks and in many cases can help to save the house from going into foreclosure.

So if you are facing this type of situation, don’t sit and wait too long, wondering how can i sell my house if its behind on payments. Because you will lose negotiating power. Instead act fast, give us a call, we buy houses in most Southern California’s areas!

we buy homes that need repairs, have code violations, are behind on payments, have been listed with an agent but didn’t sell, are occupied with non-paying tenants, behind on property taxes, etc

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