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How To Sell My House With Little or No Equity

During a common real estate transaction, (when a person hires a real estate agent to sell their home). Seller of the house is usually responsible for most of the fees which incur during transaction. It usually includes commission fees for selling and buying agent, closing costs like escrow fees, real estate taxes, title insurance fees and in some cases even fees that come with buyer acquiring a loan to buy your house.

sell my house in los angeles with no equity

These kind of fees can add up to 10%-15% that you have to pay to get your house sold, which translates into 10-15 thousand on every 100,000 your house is worth. It could be a hard pill to swallow for many people. On government assisted mortgages where seller borrows close to a 100% of financing to buy the house. even if you were in the house about 10 years making payments diligently, you may not have enough equity to even cover closing costs. And that can put you in a difficult situation, especially if you have to relocate quickly due to job change or some family related situation.

you simply may not be able to afford to sell your house, as crazy at it may sound. in fact you may end up having to pay to sell your home and that is not what most sellers desire!

this is where we come in. a lot of people ask us, how can i sell my house with little fees as possible? and the answer is simple you sell it directly to the buyer like us. Which means no real estate agent fees and in many cases no escrow fees, no buyer loan fees, etc.

When we buy your home, we do not deal with banks which also makes the buying and selling process a lot quicker. there are no need for loan approvals or any other bureaucratic scrutiny. we move fast and help you get out of the house in some cases as quick as a month or less!

so if you have a house you need to sell quickly, with no hassles, feel free to give us a call at 818-668-5333 or fill out the contact form on this website and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

if you ask yourself how can i sell my house in las vegas or how can i sell my house in los angeles – don’t think any further call us and we are here to help!

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